Breaking Through a Job Search Plateau

Has your job search hit a stand still?
Have you been sending out your resume and getting little to no response?
Have your job interviews been far and few between with no feedback from the employer?

You’re stuck and there seems to be no hope in sight! That’s exactly how it can feel when you hit a job search plateau. You’ve lost traction and just can’t seem to get back on track. All your progress has come to a grinding halt. How frustrating!

You’re not alone in your experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an unemployed individual who decided to give up and leave the labor force spent an average of 21 weeks trying to find a job. These individuals hit a plateau and instead of breaking through to success they just gave up!

You see, most people think of plateaus as a setback, but they’re not! Typically, it means you’ve stopped making progress. It doesn’t mean you’ve gone backwards. Many people seeking to lose weight hit plateaus. It doesn’t mean they’re gaining weight. It usually means their body has adapted to their current changes and they need to do something different. If they continue doing what they’ve been doing they won’t see the results they want.

If you’ve spent some time looking for a job and haven’t seen results, see it as an opportunity to focus your attention and evaluate your current condition. Don’t see it as a setback. Realize your efforts so far have not been in vain.

The 3-steps outlined below will build on your recent efforts helping you break through your job search plateau to achieve success:

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