Thank You for Interview Email

Thank your way to new job!

Can it be that simple? Well, yes & no.

Today’s economy has painted a bleak employment picture with many people competing for the same opportunities. It’s not a secret that you need to “Stand Out” to get hired. Thank You for Interview Email

What can you do to make yourself memorable? To keep your name in the forefront of the hiring manager’s thinking?

One way is through a simple “thank you for the interview email” – it can make you memorable! It can give you the competitive advantage you need to get hired.

The question or questions you may be asking yourself or me (Career Coach Jeff) is…aren’t emails informal? Do they really make an impact with the employer? Shouldn’t I send out a thank you note through snail mail? My answer is always yes, yes, and yes!

Email does tend to be a bit more informal for communication, BUT when you’re sending an interview thank you email make sure you keep it formal.

Also, they do make an impact. Feedback from employers is they appreciate a thank you and think highly of the person who sent it to them. It’s not a guarantee for the job, but it definitely moves them up higher in the consideration pool.

Sending out, what I call a “hard copy”, thank you through snail mail is the double impact. I highly suggest people I coach to send both an email & follow up with a card in the mail. The email allows you to make a quick follow up, within 24 hours. The snail mail approach gives a delayed impact a couple of days later.

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