Wow the Employer Quantify your Accomplishments

Employers want to see results when reading your resume – what’s in it for them and how can YOU help them achieve their goals!

One way to show your results and wow the employer is by quantifying your accomplishments!

90% of the resumes I see contain generic statements that don’t tell an employer anything about what they accomplished – you need to “quantify” your results:


  • “Organized company wide luncheon recognizing the accomplishments of women in the workplace.”


  •  “Organized company wide luncheon attended by over 1500 people involving senior leaders and state legislators recognizing the accomplishments of women in the workplace.”


  • “Trained several employees in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment.”


  • “Trained over 2,000 employees annually on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the workplace.”

Think about what you did, the amount of people involved, percent of improvement and/or dollars increased or saved – each of these add value to your accomplishments. Taking them from generic to specific, measurable results showing the employer how you’ll benefit their organization.

Here are 5 Powerful Questions to ask yourself that will help you identify, clarify, & quantify your accomplishments:

  1. Did you do anything that improved things making them faster, better, or cheaper than they were before?
  2. Did you save the organization money, increase productivity or sales?
  3. Did you coordinate any events or projects i.e. like a fundraiser?
  4. Did you train anyone? What were the results?
  5. Did you volunteer for more work or responsibilities?

Sometimes all it takes is asking a few questions to get the creative juices flowing, to spark the brain into action and fire up old memories. Spend some time answering these questions, writing down what you’ve accomplished. Use your answers to “Quantify your results & wow the employer.”

Question: What tips do you have for quantifying your accomplishments? Share your tips or questions below -

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